Image ADC0809CCN
型号: ADC0809CCN
厂商: Texas Instruments Texas Instruments
分类: 半导体集成电路 - IC
描述: analog to digital converters - adc 8-bit microprocessor compatible A/D converters with 8-channel multiplexer 28-pdip -40 to 85
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Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Product Category: Analog to Digital Converters - ADC
RoHS: No
Number of Channels: 8 Channel
Architecture: SAR
Conversion Rate: 10 kS/s
Resolution: 8 bit
Input Type: Single-Ended
Interface Type: Parallel
Operating Supply Voltage: 5 V
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
Mounting Style: Through Hole
Package / Case: PDIP-28
Brand: Texas Instruments
Maximum Power Dissipation: 875 mW
Minimum Operating Temperature: - 40 C
Number of Converters: 1
Packaging: Tube
Product: ADC
Series: ADC0809-N
Factory Pack Quantity: 13
ADC0808/ADC0809 8-Bit μP Compatible A/D Converters with 8-Channel Multiplexer  
Check for Samples: ADC0808-N, ADC0809-N  
The ADC0808, ADC0809 data acquisition component  
is a monolithic CMOS device with an 8-bit analog-to-  
digital converter, 8-channel multiplexer and  
microprocessor compatible control logic. The 8-bit  
A/D converter uses successive approximation as the  
conversion technique. The converter features a high  
impedance chopper stabilized comparator, a 256R  
Easy Interface to All Microprocessors  
Operates Ratiometrically or with 5 VDC or  
Analog Span Adjusted Voltage Reference  
No Zero or Full-Scale Adjust Required  
8-Channel Multiplexer with Address Logic  
0V to VCC Input Range  
voltage divider with analog switch tree and  
Outputs meet TTL Voltage Level Specifications  
ADC0808 Equivalent to MM74C949  
ADC0809 Equivalent to MM74C949-1  
successive approximation register. The 8-channel  
multiplexer can directly access any of 8-single-ended  
analog signals.  
The device eliminates the need for external zero and  
microprocessors is provided by the latched and  
decoded multiplexer address inputs and latched TTL  
TRI-STATE outputs.  
Resolution: 8 Bits  
Total Unadjusted Error: ±½ LSB and ±1 LSB  
Single Supply: 5 VDC  
The design of the ADC0808, ADC0809 has been  
optimized by incorporating the most desirable aspects  
of several A/D conversion techniques. The ADC0808,  
ADC0809 offers high speed, high accuracy, minimal  
temperature dependence, excellent long-term  
accuracy and repeatability, and consumes minimal  
power. These features make this device ideally suited  
to applications from process and machine control to  
consumer and automotive applications. For 16-  
channel multiplexer with common output (sample/hold  
port) see ADC0816 data sheet. (See AN-247  
(Literature Number SNOA595) for more information.)  
Low Power: 15 mW  
Conversion Time: 100 μs  
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