Image LM293
型号: LM293
厂商: Texas Instruments Texas Instruments
分类: 集成电路
描述: low power low offset voltage dual comparators
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Feature: Dual Differential Comparator
August 2002  
Low Power Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparators  
General Description  
n High precision comparators  
The LM193 series consists of two independent precision  
voltage comparators with an offset voltage specification as  
low as 2.0 mV max for two comparators which were de-  
signed specifically to operate from a single power supply  
over a wide range of voltages. Operation from split power  
supplies is also possible and the low power supply current  
drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply  
voltage. These comparators also have a unique characteris-  
tic in that the input common-mode voltage range includes  
ground, even though operated from a single power supply  
n Reduced VOS drift over temperature  
n Eliminates need for dual supplies  
n Allows sensing near ground  
n Compatible with all forms of logic  
n Power drain suitable for battery operation  
n Wide supply  
— Voltage range:  
2.0V to 36V  
— Single or dual supplies:  
1.0V to 18V  
Application areas include limit comparators, simple analog to  
digital converters; pulse, squarewave and time delay gen-  
erators; wide range VCO; MOS clock timers; multivibrators  
and high voltage digital logic gates. The LM193 series was  
designed to directly interface with TTL and CMOS. When  
operated from both plus and minus power supplies, the  
LM193 series will directly interface with MOS logic where  
their low power drain is a distinct advantage over standard  
n Very low supply current drain (0.4 mA) — independent  
of supply voltage  
n Low input biasing current:  
n Low input offset current:  
n Maximum offset voltage:  
25 nA  
5 nA  
3 mV  
n Input common-mode voltage range includes ground  
n Differential input voltage range equal to the power  
supply voltage  
250 mV at 4 mA  
n Output voltage compatible with TTL, DTL, ECL, MOS  
and CMOS logic systems  
The LM393 and LM2903 parts are available in National’s  
innovative thin micro SMD package with 8 (12 mil) large  
n Low output saturation voltage,:  
n Available in the 8-Bump (12 mil) micro SMD package  
n See AN-1112 for micro SMD considerations  
Squarewave Oscillator  
Non-Inverting Comparator with Hysteresis  
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