Image PC817X2NSZ0F


厂商: Sharp Microelectronics
分类: 半导体集成电路 - IC
描述: transistor output optocouplers 130-260% ctr rank
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Manufacturer: Sharp Microelectronics
Product Category: Transistor Output Optocouplers
RoHS: Yes
Brand: Sharp Microelectronics
Input Type: DC
Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage: 80 V
Maximum Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage: 0.2 V
Isolation Voltage: 5000 Vrms
Current Transfer Ratio: 130 % to 260 %
Maximum Collector Current: 50 mA
Maximum Power Dissipation: 70 mW
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 100 C
Minimum Operating Temperature: - 30 C
Package / Case: DIP-4
Forward Current: 5 mA
Maximum Fall Time: 18 us
Maximum Rise Time: 18 us
Number of Channels per Chip: 1 Channel
Output Device: NPN Phototransistor
Output Type: Open Collector
Factory Pack Quantity: 2000